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How to Purchase Geobytes Products!

Here are the ways you can purchase Geobytes products. 
Of course if you would prefer to pay by check or some other method, then please contact us to arrange payment. Thank you.
**Note: Geobytes merchandise can be purchased from

Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

To purchase via your credit card, please use our Secure online order form below.

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with your access credentials and the information necessary to download the software immediately. 

Purchase via PayPal

To purchase via PayPal, please click here

Once your payment has been completed you will receive an email within 1 business day with your access credentials and the information necessary to download the software. 

Fax us your Order Form

There is a copy of our order form online here. Just print it out and fax us back a completed copy to +1 775 201 2106.

Once your order has been  received,  you will receive an email within 1 business day with your access credentials and the information necessary to download the software.

Billing Information


To complete your secure online order, please enter your billing information below. (See below for more on secure shopping)*

GeoSelect Standard Components:
GeoSelect Standard Components  

License Daily Resolutions  Annual Subscription Select Product License:
Developer License  Uncapped $49
Server License 10,000 $500
33,000 $1,000
100,000 $1,500
233,000 $2,000
533,000 $4,000
1.1 Million $6,000
2.2 Million $8,000
Uncapped $12,000
Enterprise License  Uncapped $25,000
GeoReport Plans:

Plan Hits per day  Annual Subscription 5 Pack Subscription
Nickel 500 $29 $99
Copper 1,100 $49 $199
Bronze 3,000 $99 $399
Silver 10,000 $299 $1199
Gold 30,000 $799 $3199
Platinum 100,000 $2499 $9999
MapBytes Access:
MapBytes - used to remove the reciprocal link from the following products :
GeoPhrase, GeoFlag, GeoDirection

To purchase MapBytes, please select the quantity of resolutions you wish to purchase from the box below:

The billing information should be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
Contact Details:
First Name:
Last Name:
E-mail Address:
Total Payment:
Billing Details:
Credit Card Number:
Cardholders Name:
Zip/Postal Code:

This number is printed on your MasterCard & Visa cards in the signature area on the back of the card. (It is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card).

Expiration Date

Submit Payment:     I have read and agree to the terms of the license agreements
                       for the products I have selected above
Please be sure to only click the "Buy Now" button once. 

* Secure Shopping
This purchase area of our site is secure. This means that any information you send us is protected by encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your information. It's easy to tell when you are protected by encryption -- the lock or key at the bottom of your browser changes color or is no longer broken. This varies depending on your browser. You will also notice that the http in the url has changed to https (meaning a secure site).}

Contact Geobytes

If you would like to purchase via an alternative method or have questions about ordering our products, please contact us! 
We are keen to help you!

E-mail:   SAles@GEobyTeS.COm
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