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GeoSelect Standard Components:
Pricing for GeoSelect Standard Components  

License Daily Resolutions*  Annual Fee Select Product License:
Developers License  Uncapped $49
Server License 10,000 $500
33,000 $1,000
100,000 $1,500
233,000 $2,000
533,000 $4,000
1.1 Million $6,000
2.2 Million $8,000
Uncapped $12,000
Enterprise License  Uncapped $25,000
GeoReport Plans:
Pricing for GeoReport

Plan Hits per day  Annual Subscription 5 Pack Subscription
Nickel 500 $29 $99
Copper 1,100 $49 $199
Bronze 3,000 $99 $399
Silver 10,000 $299 $1199
Gold 30,000 $799 $3199
Platinum 100,000 $2499 $9999
MapBytes Access:
MapBytes - used to remove the reciprocal link from the following products :
GeoPhrase, GeoFlag, GeoDirection

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